Want to attend a convention with me or meet me somewhere? This is the best place to see which events I'm going to!

Ended Furry Convention

Furnal Equinox 2023

Toronto - ON, Canada / VRChat

March 17th 2023 - March 19th 2023

Furnal Equinox is a furry convention based in Canada, you can expect multiple panels and events

Started CTF

HackTheBox CTF

Hack The Box

March 18th 2023 - March 23rd 2023

Cyber Apocalypse is back. Ready for a mission through space and time? Join the biggest hacking competition of the year!

Planned Furry Convention

Furality Sylva


June 2nd 2023 - June 4th 2023

Furality Sylva is a 3 day event where a ton of fun things will occur such as performances, meetups and panels!

Planned Convention


Laval - QC, Canada

October 9th 2023 - October 12th 2023

Hackfest is a hacking convention with challanges and panels, attendees can participate for prizes